Sparta House of Shadows – WISCONSIN

Have you ever wondered what it takes to haunt a house “Shadows Style”?
First, you start out with a spooky house. An old 19th century infirmary that is rumored to be haunted is a great start. Next, you add dedicated volunteers who take pride in getting visitors to scream as much as possible. We can’t list all of our volunteers here, but here is a list of the groups we have on hand to ensure that you get the best scare every Halloween.
Tickets-please come over and buy your ticket early on the night you want to go through the house.
Ticket Information
Why we care to scare… Each year we are asked why we do a haunted house. One reason is because we love providing that moment of thrill for our victims (oh, I mean visitors). The other reason is because our efforts (and your cash)
benefit the…Boys and Girls Club of Sparta.

Contact Information
Mail:Boys & Girls Club of Sparta1000 E. Montgomery St. Sparta, WI 54656