Bike Trail and Path in Wisconisn

Elroy-Sparta State Trail and was opened in 1967. This is the granddaddy of them all! The Elroy-Sparta Trail was the first rails-to-trails conversion in the country, and it is perennially one of the most popular bicycling destinations in the state. Located in the driftless areas, one of the most scenic parts of Wisconsin, the trail is one of the few flat surfaces in a land of narrow valleys and steep wooded bluffs.

Three tunnels are a big part of the trail’s appeal. The longest, between Sparta and Norwalk, is more than three-quarters of a mile long. Walking through the tunnels, (you can’t ride them), is an adventure in itself. The small towns en-route all have a bike-friendly atmosphere; after all, the trail has made them famous. Bike trails are surfaced with fine limestone or similar materials. Bike Shuttle service is avaibale at the Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast, email us.