House of Shadows presented by Boys & Girls Club of Sparta

The House of Shadows began 12 years ago as an annual fund raising event for the Boys & Girls Club of Sparta. It is a highly interactive haunted attraction located in the old Child Center Infirmary, which is believed to really be haunted.

The House of Shadows continues to be one of the Club’s largest fund raising events which generates the money needed to provide over 600 children with fun and educational programming throughout the year.

Admission: ‘Not So Scary’ $6.00 per person Starts at 6:00, ends at 7:00
This is the best option for the young or faint of heart. Characters will not jump out and it’s not as dark in the house as the Very Scary option. This is a great way for families with small children to enjoy the experience without being terrified.
‘Very Scary’ $8.00 per person Starts at 7:00, last ticket will be sold at 10:00
The rooms are dark, ghoulish creatures jump out from behind every corner! While a group waits its turn, there is a tent area available to enjoy concessions, scary movies, and listen to the sounds emanating from the house.
‘Spook Pass’ $18.00 per person Starts at 7:00, last ticket will be sold at 10:00
If you just can’t wait to be terrified out of your mind, purchase a Spook Pass! You’ll immediately go to the front of the line and won’t have to wait. This is available during Very Scary hours.

2010 Haunting Dates are: October 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

The ghosts and goblins await you at this years House of Shadows and we await you at our Sparta Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast. Give us a call today!