Planning a Biking Trip to Sparta, Wisconsin

Simple things you can do to plan a biking trip.  A fun and active way to spend quality time with your friends, family or spouse.

Spring is here and it’s time to take the bikes out of storage.  Bike riding is a fun way to stay in shape and great way to get to places you may want to go.  Riding bikes together is a good way to make sure your loved ones get the exercise they need.  This will also help you strengthen your relationships.  Before going on a bike trip it is a good idea to make plans for the outing.

A Week or Two Ahead of Time

There are many things that should be planned in Advance.

  1. Where are you going to stay at and what dates? Stay with us at the Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Sparta, WI – 608-366-1427 or website . Call to make a reservation or make a secure on-line reservation from our website.
  2. Pick which state bike trails you are interested in riding.  We recommend the Elroy-Sparta state trail.  We are located one mile from the trail head, it offers 3 awesome tunnels and nature, small bike friendly towns to stop at and it is known world wide to be the best! We sure do!
  3. We provide a bike shuttle service for our guests to so you can ride the whole trail. Talk to the innkeepers to arrange or have more questions.
  4. Bring snacks for the trail so go shopping with your lists.

The Night Before the Biking Trip

The night before the outing is a great time to prepare for the trip.  You don’t want to wait until the morning you leave to pack and get ready.
  1. Make the lunches and put them in the refrig. till morning.
  2. Gather all the biking equipment and place in near the bikes or in your car. We suggest you pack a helmet, camera, flashlights for the tunnels, and a light rain jacket.
  3. Check over the bikes to make sure they are safe to ride. Put air in the tires if necessary.
  4. Have your GPS and or maps ready to go! Let someone know where you are going to be.
The Day of Your Biking Trip and Leaving Home
There won’t be a lot to do the day that you leave for your Trip because you have planned so well in advance.
  1.  After you are out of bed and dressed, sit down to eat breakfast.
  2. While you are out on the trip, take a lot of pictures.
See you Soon!
For reservations, visit the Franklin Victorian website or call 888-594-3822. The inn is located at 220 E. Franklin Street in Sparta, WI