Summer Birding Basics in Wisconsin

What’s on the menu? what to feed your summer bird visitors.

No-mess birdseed: A wonderful things for bird feeding that is not so messy.  Discarded shells and sprouting seeds don’t do much to enhance your outdoor relaxing or entertaining.  You work so hard in your gardens and mowing your yard this birdseed mix with no shells spares you the mess.  Often call “no-mess blend” or “sunflower chip, ” this option is more expensive but worth the extra cost in tidy dining is your goal and your yard. 
Fresh and clear Hummingbird nectar.  Make your own at home by mixing 4 parts boiled water to 1 part white sugar, and don’t use red dye, it’s not necessary, and why add additional components if you don’t need to.  In hot weather, sugar water can ferment quickly, so change the nectar in your feeder twice a week. Fresh is always best.

There is so much to do to attach birds for all to enjoy and we hope you will come to Wisconsin and stay with us at the Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Sparta, WI while enjoying birding.