Explore the Mississippi near Sparta, Wisconsin

Interactive and fully-guided riverboat cruises through the Mississippi’s wild and scenic backwaters.  Venture within feet of beautiful backwater riverbanks, bald eagle nests, beaver lodges, turtle logs, muskrat huts, great blue herons, blooming lotus and water lilies, and more!  Mississippi Explorer Cruises will be waiting for you to make a day filled of fun and excitement.  Cruises depart from Riverside Park’s south side. 

Phone: (877-647-7397 ext. 2) http://www.mississippiexplorer.com/
1.5 hr Wildlife Cruises, Wed-Sun departing at 10:30 am
2.0 hr Wildlife Cruises,  Wed-Sat departing at 2 pm
2.0 hr Wildlife Sunset Cruises, Fri & Sat departing at 6:30 pm

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