October Is National Cranberry Month In Wisconsin

Did You Know? October Is National Cranberry Month and Wisconsin is the Number #1 Producing  State
Today I went to Warrens, Wisconsin for my first visit and Yes it is a very small town of about 350 people. But, at this time of the year the buzz is all about Cranberry Bog Harvest time.
My first stop was to visit the Cranberry  Discover Center where I have heard they have a museum and “Everything Cranberries” from salsa to ice cream. So, yes I had a Cranberry Delight ice cream cone and bought many other food items to try and serve to my guests.  I was greeted by three wonderful ladies and they were very helpful.  Then I went down stairs to the Cranberry Museum for a short video and walked thru the area of all the wonderful history and exhibits.  I learned alot about Warrens, WI and Cranberries.  Do you know how many food items there are with Cranberries in them?  I do and you can to when you visit the Cranberry Discover Center.  I then stopped by the head quarters for “Warrens Cranberry Festival” which feature over three miles of shopping and over 1,300 booths.  It is always the last full weekend in September. It is a must to add to “Your Bucket list”.  cranfest@cranfest.com or call 608-378-4200.

I had a fun fill morning and I am glad to have had the time to go see for myself so I can share with all of you. 

Go check it out…..I leave you with some Cranberry Facts.
  • The first cranberry marshes in Wisconsin date to the 1830s, before it was even a state.
  • On April 5, 2004, Governor Doyle signed a bill naming the cranberry Wisconsin’s state fruit.
  • The cranberry has a large impact on Wisconsin’s economy during healthy conditions. Wisconsin’s top fruit crop provides about 7,200 jobs and contributes approximately $330 million to the state’s economy.
  • Various types of wildlife can be found on cranberry marshes, including Blue Herons, Trumpeter Swans, Sand Hill Cranes, Fox Deer, Geese, Wolves, Bears, Eagles, Osprey, Loons and more.