Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast, Sparta WI, Thanking Guests with Shaklees

Here at the Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Sparta, WI we are always very concerned about our guests and our enivorment.  Starting in 2012 we are “Thanking Our Guests” with a Sample Capsule of Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner for them to take home and try for their own use.  We use only Shaklee products for All our cleaning needs at the bed and breakfast. We truly believe in this product for the health of our guests, to the cleanliness of our B&B.
“Inside this tiny capsule is enough power to make a whole bottle of all-purpose super cleaner and another whole bottle of glass cleaner…”
Each little vial holds enough Basic H2 to make two bottles of powerful cleaner when diluted in 16 ounces of water. Great for introducing new prospects to the cleaning power of Basic H2.  First, mix 2 drops to 16 oz. of water in a Get Clean Spray Bottle for cleaning windows and mirrors. Then, mix 1/4 tsp. to 16 oz. of water in a Get Clean Spray Bottle for all-purpose cleaning.

So, here is my overall take on the Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner:

  • Do I think the product works? Yup!
  • Are they healthier and more environmentally friendly ? Yup! 
  • Is the Shaklee Basic H2 Cleaner expensive? NO! At first look, you might think at $12 for a 16 oz. bottle of the Basic H2 Cleaner, that is expensive. However, if I tell you how much of that little .07 fl. oz sample vial I used you will see that $12 for a 16 oz. bottle is a deal compared to the cost of buying average cleaner…
  • And, I don’t even want to think about all that plastic that goes into the landfill if you don’t use Shaklee products!
A better you, better health, a better world. It’s not just possible. It’s happening—again and again—every day.
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