Romance on a Budget during this Heart Filled Month Valentines

Little Things Mean A Lot at this time of year. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and all the items in the stores, you can do Romance on a Budget and here are 10.
Here are a few suggestions for both with love in the air.

1. Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box. Send it to her with a note that says, “I wish you were here.”

2. Unplug the TV. Put a note on the screen saying, “Turn me on instead.”

3. Go through revolving doors together.

4. Keep candles in the car. Eat dinner by candle light the next time you go to McDonald’s.

5. Run your hands under hot water before joining your partner in bed(!)

6. Look—no, gaze—into each other’s eyes more often.

7. Write him a little love note. Insert it into the book he’s reading.

8. Pick wildflowers from a field or the side of the road during the year.

9. The relationship secret that’s not really a secret: Express your love in lots of little ways.

10. Make a GIANT greeting card out of a big cardboard box.

Better yet you can do many things for your special someone during this lovely time and join us at the Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Sparta, WI for a Special time with the one you love all year long. We look forward to making your time Special with Love.