Sparta Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast, Franklin Victorian B&B

Can’t think of anything fun to do on a date? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Show your date that this is more than just a fun “hang out”. We have lots of fun ideas for spending time with your special someone, or you potential special someone. Let the Love Grow with just a few great All Season “Date Ideas.” Best is to spend time together doing with you like and the love between you will grow!
(Last Idea is the BEST!)
 Run together in the rain

 Play racquetball
 Badminton
 Beach Volleyball
 Snowball fights
 Go for a country drive
 Go stargazing
 Rent a movie
 Have a picnic at home
 Watch the sunset together
 Bake cookies together
 Make ice cream
 Take a sleigh ride
 Rent a limo for the evening
 Walk on the beach at midnight
 Fly a kite
 Give each other backrubs
 Take a riverboat cruise
 Help at a soup kitchen
 Have shaving cream fight
 Go for a bike ride together
The Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast is located in Sparta, Wisconsin and we are open all year. We have a wonderful website to help you. We look forward in helping you cross off some of your date night ideas.