Garden Flowers, One, Two, Three…at the Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast, Sparta, Wisconisn

As for me and my garden…just a bit of earth will do.
As we work so hard in the many gardens at the Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast, I walk around everyday pulling the weeds here and there. Garden: A thing of beauty and a job forever.  The love I have for our gardens is work but the beautiful flowers and nature at it best to the simple to the most dainty flowers have bloomed.  Inch by inch, gonna make this garden grow! Some have come and gone while others are here and more are to come. God’s Green Acre.  I was thinking of a blog post for you to enjoy and got the camera out to take some pictures for you to enjoy.  Many guests have come and commented on the beauty. Our Little Gardener. If you are not able to be our guests this season we hope you will enjoy the pictures and come to Sparta, Wisconsin soon. 
Flowers can come in One, Two, Three or more and the colors are plenty. Adventures in Gardening….Enjoy Below!