Customer Service and Biking in Sparta, WI

Hello to our past, current and future bed and breakfast guests. We know how smart you all are and that you expect the best. Our industry, you expect high standards and high standards in customer service. We want you to know that we promise that high level of service and we keep our promise – for all our past, current and future bed and breakfast guests. We understand the importance of social media, so you are able to find us in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the most recent Pinterest. We have spent a lot of time to provide top-notch service to all. We know you have high expectations and we want to make sure we do too. Come and stay with us!

With spring just a few days away, we hope you are starting to think about where your next Staycation will be and that you find us in Sparta, WI. The bicycling capital of the world and home to the famous Sparta-Elroy Bike trail. We have many stories about the bike trail and how 100’s of our guests have ridden the beautiful trail. We provide a shuttle service to the other end of the trail so you are able to ride the whole trail and then back to the B&B. This trail can be biked no matter how many miles you would like to ride. You can always keep going on connecting trail also. So, dust off your bike or rent a bike from a local bike shop and come experience great customer service, relax and get your exercise all in one place.
See you soon!