Relax and Be Pampered, Cura Salon – Sparta, WI

Cura Salon in Sparta, WI will make you feel relaxed and we all need to be pampered.
Do you have an over workcura salon-2ed body, tight shoulders, aching arms and hands?  The service of massage although once looked to as a service only for the well to do, has now become a very necessity.  It brings relaxation to quiet one’s mind, but also the awareness of the abuse and repletion that we put our bodies through in our day to day obligations.  Regular maintenance of this service and or reflexology would keep many people from future major health issues and possible surgeries, such as carpal tunnel.  Muscle tightness does not allow for proper blood flow as well as energy flow, when this is restricted it leads to other issues.
Pain is one of the ways the body try’s to communicate with us, but many ignore the symptoms and choose to numb the message with the use of drugs and other pain relievers.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and keeping it clean and exfoliated helps with the passing of toxins and also useful nutrients to pass in and out.  Body wraps and facials are a great service to support this action.  They are a wonderful and relaxing way to honor and care for the wonderful body we have been giving.  Facials keep your skin glowing, and help one to look years younger and feel the best!

I am the innkeeper of the Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast and I go to Cura Salon for my services. I look forward to seeing them and their beautiful setting. I feel relaxed and welcome as soon as I get there. They are professional and feel they look forward to serving me and making me feel special l when I GO RELAX. Can’t Cura Salon when you are coming to stay with us for your next day of pampering Phone: (608) 487-9510.