Groups Always Enjoy it Here “The Knitting Ladies”

Knitting group resizedAs the weather is so very cold outside, I thought I would write about this past weekend Jan. 25, 2014 here at the bed and breakfast. It was wonderful, warm, making new friends and the wonderful group of Lady Knitters we had staying with us.

They came from far and near from Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minn. By car on a very cold and snowing weekend for three days. Their “job” was to Knit for their time here and have a wonderful retreat at the B&B. The projects they were doing were some of the most beautiful things I have seen knitters do.

The days and evenings were filled with friendship, laughing, drinking wine and having great pizza from a local mom and pop restaurant “Slice of Chicago Pizza”. Some even walked to it which is about a mile away from the B&B. Some had their pizza delivered. Spending some other meals at another wonderful place “Ginny’s Cupboard”.

Knitting was something I grew up with around me, as my mother was a huge knitter and Cali Resized in Sweatermade some beautiful things over the years for me, herself and others. She was making my Cali (our Pembroke Corgi) a pink sweater, so she too would have something to wear when it is cold in Wisconsin. As time went by and my mom’s life slowed and not doing very well the sweater was not finish by the time she passed away. Years I have kept her knitting bag, yarn and needles and of course the dog sweater with the needles still in the yarn where the last stich had been knit, hoping someday to teach myself to knit or have someone to ask to finishes it.

Well, the story about the pet sweater and my mom I shared on Thursday night with the 3 ladies that were here from the group of knitters so far. The next morning they ask to see the dog sweater and they offered to finish it. As tears flowed from my eyes and my heart was over whelmed, these ladies were the angels that had come to complete this project of Cali’s sweater. The 3 all worked on it and showed me it finished on Saturday morning. I could not help to cry tears of happiness and joy because they all had a part of my mom in them…knitting and I was so thankful for their kindness.

Knitters are very special, kind and warm people. As I took Cali for a walk that afternoon as she wore her new and hand knit doggie sweater, I looked up to the blue skis to heaven and said to my wonderful mother, look it is finished and see how beautiful it is on her! After our walk we came and showed the ladies her sweater with it on and Cali’s loved it and the attention.

There truly are kind and wonderful stories that have happen to me being an innkeeper of a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin and it is just another to share with many.

Thank you Ladies~ Jennifer Dunn (innkeeper)