Recharging in Wisconsin – Why the Great Outdoors makes a Great Healing Break

In today’s world of high stress jobs and the constant, often non stop demands of a hectic sidebar-activities-18professional and home life, we all need to take some time out. Whether you’re planning a break with a loved one, the family, or simply alone in order to get some perspective, a break in the Wisconsin area offers access to some fantastic activities that place you right in the heart of nature  – the perfect place to release stress and help get your mind clear.

Recuperation and Healing

Many of us are aware that spending some peaceful (or adventurous) time in natural settings can be a soothing, and enjoyable experience. While this is something many of us will have experienced at some time or another, there’s also plenty of evidence that reinforces the importance and power of spending time in natural environments.

Spending time hiking, kayaking, or simply enjoying the surroundings can have a profoundCouple Canoeing healing effect on all of us. This is especially true for those of us that work in taxing and stressful jobs, such as medical professionals, high level management jobs, and so on. Such professions can often cause mental conditions such as depression, fatigue, and even addiction as a result of stress in some cases. These negative effects can take their toll on any of us, from IT specialists to physicians, and if left unchecked, symptoms and lingering problems can develop into serious addictions or depression which could require specialist treatment. Taking some time for yourself in beautiful rural settings, and challenging yourself in new ways can have a huge impact in recovery and overall well-being, and can also be a great way to ensure that problems don’t get worse. Wisconsin offers the perfect backdrop to recharge your batteries and recuperate from long periods of stressful work, and there’s activities on offer that ensure that no matter what you’re interests, you’ll be well catered for.


Whether you’re looking for relaxing activities that you can enjoy at your own pace, such as golfing or cycling, or after a thrilling adrenaline fueled adventure to clear your mind, you’ll find a diverse range of activities and locations in Wisconsin that won’t disappoint. rotation-activities-4There are a number of luxurious, peaceful golf courses to be found where you can practice your swing, and enjoy standard or disc golfing at your own pace. Sparta and La Crosse offer some of the most diverse range of activities in the State, and in addition to an abundance of golf courses, you’ll also find some beautiful nature trails, and excellent canoeing and kayaking locations. Nature is part of life here, so you’ll be able to easily find everything you might need, such as kayak hire, and plenty of local shops too. rotation-activities-3The Kickapoo River is the go to spot for canoeing and boating, and the glistening blue waters make the perfect backdrop for a riverside walk or picnic too. Either way, whether you’d simply prefer to relax, or enjoy some activities, the river is a great place to recharge and unwind. Wildcat Mountain State Park is also a must see, and very popular with visitors. With over 3000 acres to explore on horseback or on foot, the sweeping views and winding trails of the park are the perfect place to spend some uninterrupted time in the heart of nature. You’ll also find fishing and picnic facilities here, so it’s the ideal location if you’re staying in the area with the family or loved ones. The Park is also open all year, and exploring some of the snow shoeing trails in the winter is highly recommended if you’re visiting at that time of year. There’s also the parks and Bridge in Parkwalking tours of La Crosse to enjoy, which offer some beautiful views. The parks also host plenty of local community events, and there’s a number of opportunities to interact with local wildlife (which can be great if you’re bringing the kids along). Overall, there’s a wealth of options for visitors who want to dive in to the natural environments here, and when you can gain so many health benefits by doing so, a break in Wisconsin could be just what the doctor ordered.
by S.Dent
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