A Biking Destination

Rails-To-Trails Biking

Sparta "The Bicycling Capital of America"...

Hop on your bike, fill the water bottles and ride the trails of Southwest Wisconsin. Don’t have a bike? Why Not Rent one at a local outfitters. Bring your bicycle along when you and stay at Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast, near the famous Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail, the first rails-to-trails in the country.  The four connecting west central Wisconsin  rails to trails, known as the Bike 4 Trails has over 100 miles of connecting trails. The League of American Bicyclists named Wisconsin the No. 3 “Bicycle Friendly State” an all-around bike-loving culture!

Everything you need to a cycling adventure:

  • People & Bicycle Shuttle Service
  • Secure Inside Bike Storage
  • Bike Passes
  • Bring your Own Bikes
  • Bike Rental available at Local Outfitter
  • 100+ Miles of Connected Trails with Tunnels, Bridges and Road 

To learn more about the amazing biking in Sparta read our blog.

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People & Bicycle Shuttle Service

Elroy-Sparta State Bike Trail...

Our Shuttle Service is fee based for guests who are staying with us. We leave once daily in the morning after breakfast.

We take you and your bicycles in our shuttle van, along the Elroy-Sparta State Bike Trail and you enjoy your ride back to Sparta.  We can drop you off in Elroy, Kendall, Wilton or Norwalk depending and the miles you would like to ride.

Please set up with us ahead of time when you make your reservation. 

Road Routes

Off Trail Road Routes
Discover what the locals have known for years; Wisconsin’s roads are some of the most bike-friendly in the country! Hundreds of miles of dairy roads make for enjoyable biking through beautiful scenery! Ride many seasons with a organized ride groups or clubs.  Bike Maps are available at the B&B to help you find bike-friendly roadways.

To learn more about the amazing biking in Sparta read our blog.


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Motorcycle Riding

Come visit the beautiful Driftless Region...

Driftless Destinations: Six Routes, 88 Destinations & Hundreds of Miles of Backroads to Explore.

  • This area offers Driftless Destinations routes perfect for motorcyclists winding through scenic valleys, old dairy roads and riding in the most beautiful part of Wisconsin.
  • Motorcycle-friendly we have secure locked inside motorcycle space while you stay here, and we will garage your bikes overnight as part of our services.
  • Brochure with Map routes are available at the B&B. 

To learn more about the amazing biking in Sparta read our blog.


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