Croissant Blueberry Puff

Croissant Blueberry Puff The guests love this. You can use pretty much any firm type of fresh fruit. Ingredients: 8 small croissants (not the large ones) 1 ¼ cup Fresh or frozen blueberries 1 8 oz. Cream cheese (softened) 1 tsp Vanilla ¾ cup Sugar 2 Eggs 1 ¼ cup milk Directions: Cut up and […]

A Local’s Guide to Kayaking in Sparta, WI

When the days are long and the sun is hot, there is nothing more enjoyable than a kayak trip down the river. Between the winding Kickapoo River just south of town and the picturesque La Crosse River running right through town, you can cool off in no time. Here is our ultimate guide to kayaking […]

NEW COLLECTION of Deneen Pottery Items in our Gift Shop~ Check it Out!

Deneen Pottery Soup Crocks. It's our newest item to already wonderful selection of their Stonewear. Use for Fruit, Soups, etc. It can be used for hot or cold items. *Dishwasher & Micro oven-proof. Also, our Newest RED mug by Deneen Pottery "Pepin" style. ~Get them while you can! We have 3 other styles and colors […]

3 Day Vacation Outdoors in Sparta, Wisconsin

Summertime is here. Take one step outside and you can smell fresh cut grass and blooming flowers welcoming you to the great outdoors. The Driftless Region is absolutely stunning right now and there are so many fun activities that we can’t decide which to focus on! From kayaking to hiking to biking and golfing, you […]

Spring Birding Guide to Sparta, Wisconsin

Strap on your hiking boots and grab a pair of binoculars because birding season is officially here! Get outside and stretch your legs while exploring some of the most beautiful wilderness in Wisconsin and spotting a wide variety of birds. Here are some of our favorite birding spots around Sparta, Wisconsin. Necedah National Wildlife Refuge […]

Where to Elope in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region

So, you’ve said nope to the traditional wedding and decided to elope! A small ceremony surrounded by your closest friends and family will make it a special day you’ll never forget but first you have to pick where you’re going to tie the knot. From woodsy outdoor elopements to small rustic barn weddings to waterfront […]