January 27, 2016

Love Locks for Valentine’s Day Romance in Sparta WI

Posted by: Jennifer

Lock in your love for your sweetheart with a special, decorated Love Lock! Say “I love you” or “Will you marry me?” with a romantic stay at Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast and attach your lock on the Beaver Creek Love Lock Bridge in Sparta or attach it to our “Love Locks Arbor” here at the B&B.

We can have a love lock engraved with your personalized sentiment with just ten days notice. We also have locks on hand that can be painted with special love notes – done in your own hand! Throw away the key after you proclaim your love to your special someone.

Love Locks can be found all over the world! In Scotland, UK, four sections of the Forth Road Bridge were dedicated for affixing these fun padlocks. There is a giant bonsai love lock tree sculpture located at Beaulieu Palace House in Hampshire, UK. The sculture was commissioned by a couple who met in Japan, fell in love, and returned to home to the British Isles. They wanted other couples to be able to perform this unique commitment action.

In Australia, Love Locks are appearing on a fence overlooking Lake Hume near Albury, New South Wales. In Cologne, Germany, these symbols of love on the Hohenzollern Bridge are now part of their tourism promotion!

Here in the USA, special love lock locations can be found in Las Vegas (at the Eifel Tower), in California, in Georgia, in Baltimore MD, and of course in Sparta WI! In fact, a marriage proposal was recently offered with a special “Will you marry me?” love lock! She said YES! They locked in their commitment to each other and threw away the key – happily ever after!

When you make your reservation with us, just choose an additional Love Lock item and if you give us 10 days, you can have your padlock customized. “Lock in your Love forever”.


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